Welcome to WildlifeZones – A place for Nature and Wildlife Enthusiasts!

We are a bunch of three passionate travellers who love and admire nature and wildlife. This bunch includes me, my wonderful husband and our lovely young son.

I am Rashmi and travelling is my passion. All my expeditions are to nature and wildlife places.

Since my childhood, I dreamt of living in a place where I wake up to the chirping of birds, where I can see the sun blooming on the horizon, where I can hear the enchanting music of nature.

But studies and professional commitments always made me stay in metropolitan cities. I live in Mumbai presently.

My motto in life is to ‘stay close to nature wherever I am’. I believe we can’t live in a world where cities are all concrete jungles and nature has no place in it.

Travelling and meeting local people have taught me a lot. I found that many places of interest that find a mention during a casual internet search don’t exist anymore. Guess, why!

Some man-made creations have come up at those places and natural attractions got closed or destroyed.

Humans have some marvellous creations to their credit and those, of course, need to be appreciated. My only wish is if there can be a harmony between human creations and natural creations.

Through this platform (blog), I want to

  • inspire all kinds of travellers and tourists to travel to nature and wildlife destinations.
  • share useful travel advice, tips and much-needed information to help you plan your trip.
  • spread awareness to preserve nature and natural beauty of Mother Earth for future generations.

Here is my way of staying close to nature even when I am not travelling. In a city like Mumbai where there is always a dearth of space, I grow organic veggies and pretty flowers in my small balcony garden 🙂

Flowers in the garden
Veggies in the garden

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