Top 10 Attractions of Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Lush Greenery at Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Green Landscape of The National Park

A forest located right inside the municipal boundaries of a metropolis, Sanjay Gandhi National Park presents the green façade of Mumbai city. The Park was formerly known as Borivali National Park.

Spread over an area of 104 sq Km, it is the only national park in the world with such a large patch of protected area existing within the city limits.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park has preserved its lush green cover, surviving the numerous encroachment attempts of converting it into a concrete jungle.

This iconic landmark of Mumbai city holds immense ecological and historic significance. Here is a rundown of the top 10 attractions of this national park.

A Quick Glance Through

List of Attractions – Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The lingering memory of the city seems to fade away, the moment you enter the park. Mere walking through the evergreen dense forest feels quite refreshing and offers respite from the commotion of the big city.

The mesmerising landscape of the park keeps you in awe of this place. See this small video capturing the verdant forests of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is home to a diverse species of plants and animals, such as leopard, monkey, spotted deer, Indian hare and wild cat.

The park also provides shelter to 150 species of butterflies, a wide variety of fishes, reptiles and amphibians.

Spotted deer in Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Spotted Deer in The Park
A Tribe of Monkeys Inside The Park

The ancient Buddhist caves date back to more than 2000 years into history. These monastic structures were used by Buddhist monks as places of meditation and study.

Kanheri Caves Inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Kanheri Caves Located Deep Inside The Park

There are around 109 caves on one hill and most of them are open for visitors. But, some of the caves are locked where entry is restricted to national park staff only.

Kanheri Caves

You can see some wonderful sculptures and carvings along the cave walls and roofs. The Kanheri caves exemplify a rich history of Buddhist culture in the region.

Buddha Sculpture-Kanheri Caves
Buddha Sculpture – Kanheri Caves
Carvings on the walls of Kanheri Caves
Carvings on the walls of Kanheri Caves

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Sanjay Gandhi National park is one of the idyllic spots to enjoy the magic of monsoon in Mumbai. The rain just adds to the beauty of this place with a host of gushing streams all across the hill.

Waterfall in Sanjay Gandhi National Park
A Waterfall in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The park offers some amazing treks and nature trails. One of the most popular is the Upper Kanheri trail from the national park gate to the Kanheri cave peak.

It is approximately 45 minutes walk through the forest. You can spot different kinds of butterflies, lizards and avifauna here.

A colourful butterfly sitting on a rock
A Colourful Butterfly in The Park

Cycling is another very popular activity here for fitness enthusiasts.

You can take your own bicycle or rent one in the park at quite reasonable prices. Cycling through the verdant forests that too in the middle of the city, can be a rejuvenating experience for any big-city dweller.

The Joy of Traffic-free Cycling

The national park encompasses two freshwater lakes – Tulsi lake and Vihar lake, situated away from the common tourist circuit. Vihar lake is the largest and Tulsi lake is the second largest lake of Mumbai.

Both the lakes meet a part of Mumbai city’s water requirement. These lakes are famous for their reptile population including crocodiles and various species of snakes. You will need to get prior permission from the park authorities if you plan to visit this area of the park.

Boating is a major attraction for family travelers here. If you want to experience some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, just rent a boat and go paddling amidst the scenic beauty of the jungle.

Boating lake in Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Boating Lake in The Park

Mini toy train ‘Van Rani’ is another prime tourist attraction in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. This narrow-gauge train passes through the tourist zones of the park showcasing the forest’s rich biodiversity.

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Van rani
Van Rani Toy Train at The Park

This protected area hosts many forms of wildlife. You can take a mini jungle safari in a caged bus which is around 25 minutes ride through 30 acres of fenced forest area.

But unlike other national parks, the lions and tigers have been put in large enclosures. You can still spot deer, monkeys, wild cats, etc., in their natural habitat.

Tiger and Lion Safari Sanjay Gandhi National Park
A Tiger Walking Between The Fences in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Run by the local forest department, the overnight camps inside the park offer many types of accommodation facilities – tents, pine houses and guest houses.

You can rent it out to experience the wilderness of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Drive your vehicle to the camping point. There is sufficient parking space available for tourists to park their cars.

For bookings, you can contact Nature Information Center, SGNP.

How To Reach Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The park is easily accessible by train via western local from Borivali Railway station.

Further, you can hop onto an auto-rickshaw or a taxi to reach the national park entrance gate, which is less than 1 km away from Borivali station.

Where To Stay

From basic to lavish, Mumbai city offers all kinds of lodging options. Borivali East, Kandivali East and Malad East are some of the localities which are in the vicinity of the park.

Check Availability, Prices And Book A Stay in Mumbai.

Travel Tips

  • The Park is open 6 days a week from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm and remains closed on all Mondays.
  • Entry fee – child below 5 years (None), age between 5-12 years (Rs. 34 per head), age more than 12 years (Rs 64 per head)
  • You will need to book separate tickets for activities – Safari, Boating, Mini Train.
  • Reach the toy train boarding point before 5:30 pm as the last ride for the day departs at 5:30 pm.

Amidst the chaos of the city, Sanjay Gandhi National Park provides a breather to the residents of Mumbai. The dense green forests are a source of fresh oxygen to the city and thus, the national park is fondly called the lungs of Mumbai.

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