Krang Suri Falls – Truly A Sight To Behold

Krang Suri Falls

Nestled in the serenity of Jaintia hills, Krang Suri falls is amongst one of the most scenic waterfalls of Meghalaya.

The falls is blessed with shimmering blue waters and lush green picturesque surrounding.

We reached this place after almost 3 hours drive from Shillong. It is another 20-minute walk to the falls through a quaint stone pathway brimming with natural beauty.

The enchanting burbling sound of the falls kept getting louder as we inched closer.

On the way to Krang Suri Falls
Road Leading To The Stone Pathway
Krang Suri Falls Stone Pathway
On The Way To The Falls

The tranquil ambience and charming beauty of this place can rejuvenate your soul. Krang Suri is indeed a fascinating waterfall in nature’s wonderland. See it to believe it!

Beautiful side view of Krang Suri Falls
Green Woods Beautifying A Side of the Falls

The falls is cut off from the tourist circuit and is located about 30 km from Jowai. Here is a small video capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of the falls.

Things To Do There

You can take a dip in the magical waters of the greenish-blue plunge pool. It looks so tempting that you will not be able to stop yourself from jumping into the pool.

Close view of the greenish blue waters of the plunge pool
Close View of The Pool

Swim up to the rock behind the falls, sit and enjoy the amazing views. There is also a short descent to reach behind the falls for those who don’t want to swim.

View from behind the Falls
Amazing View From Behind The Falls

Overnight camping is another outdoor activity here, which is altogether a unique and exhilarating experience. There is only one small restaurant in the vicinity, run by local Khasi women.

On reaching the top of the waterfall, you can see small colourful boats docked alongside the bank of the river. Go boating amidst the dazzling greenery and breathtaking views of this place.

Boating Point-Krang Suri Falls
Boating Point – Near The Waterfall

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How To Get There

Krang Suri falls is almost 90 km away from Shillong and it takes close to 3 hours to reach the falls by road. The numerous turns and twists of the hilly roads can stretch your travel time a bit but it would be usually less than 4 hours.

Cars are allowed up to the point where you see the first signboard welcoming you to Krang Suri falls.

Park your car there and walk for another couple of minutes through the steps descending to the waterfall.

The nearest railhead and airport are located in Guwahati, which is well connected to all major cities of the country.

Where To Stay

Hotel room in Shillong

I recommend staying in Shillong and visiting here as a day trip. Start early from Shillong, around 7:30 am in morning. Spend your day soaking in the beautiful vistas of the surroundings and leave by 3:30 or 4 pm.

Shillong has a range of accommodation options to choose from. Hotel Polo Towers is one of the best mid-range hotels here. It is centrally located in the main city near Police Bazar.

The rooms are well-kept and spacious. They have two in-house restaurants – Sky Grill and Ginger. In addition, there is also a bakery shop that serves tasty snacks and pastries.

Check Availability And Book A Room in Hotel Polo Towers.

If you want to avoid traveling from Shillong then you can base yourself at Jowai. It is the nearest major city and is also the headquarter of the West Jaintia Hills district. Jowai has mainly homestays that offer basic amenities and a homely ambiance.

Check Availability And Book Your Stay in Jowai.

Best Time To Visit

The weather is quite pleasant here throughout the year. You can visit Krang Suri falls any time of the year as it is a perennial waterfall.

Start early in the morning if you are staying in Shillong and make it a day-long trip. You can easily spend a few hours swimming in the crystal clear waters of the plunge pool.

Places To See Close To Krang Suri Falls

Head straight to Dawki after visiting Krang Suri falls, where the Umngot river flows. The river water is so clean that boats appear floating in thin air. It is less than a 1-hour drive to Dawki from Krang Suri falls.

Dawki lies on the India-Bangladesh border. The Tamabil border, merely 1.5 km from Dawki, is also worth a visit. This border crossing is popularly referred to as India Bangladesh Friendship Gate.

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Few other places, you can consider visiting are Cherrapunji and Mawlynnong, Asia’s cleanest village. Cherrapunji is famous for its splendid waterfalls and is also known as one of the wettest places on earth.

From the border town of Dawki, Cherrapunji is around 85 km away. Mawlynnong village (35 km) is a little over an hour’s drive from Dawki.

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Travel Tips

  • Life jackets are compulsory for swimming in the plunge pool
  • Carry swimwear and spare clothes with you
  • Wear sturdy sports shoes or hiking shoes
  • Charges – Rs 50 as entry fee and Rs 100 as life jacket fee per person

A visit to this magical falls could be a refreshing break for anyone looking for spending some time away from the city’s chaos.

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