Kashid Beach – Ultimate Guide To The Jewel of North Konkan

Kashid Beach

Hidden away in an idyllic corner of the Konkan Coast, Kashid Beach makes a perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune. It lies in Kashid village in Maharashtra’s Raigad district, nearly 135 km away from Mumbai and 170 km away from Pune.

A vast stretch of white sand and crystal-clear waters of the Arabian Sea, this beach is an ideal retreat to unwind amidst scenic surroundings. If you are contemplating a visit to the gorgeous Kashid Beach, this detailed travel guide can help you plan a trip.

A Quick Glance Through

How To Reach

The beach is conveniently approachable by road from Mumbai and Pune. It is around 4 hours’ drive from Mumbai and about 4.5 hours’ drive from Pune. If you are starting from Navi Mumbai, the travel time reduces at least by 45 minutes.

MSRTC buses run regularly from Mumbai as well as Pune to Kashid. All the buses going to Murud usually halt in Kashid village.

You can even reach there by ferry. From Mumbai, ferries run from Gateway of India to Mandwa jetty and then to Alibaug. Once you reach Alibaug, you can easily get buses to drop you at Kashid.

Roha Railway Station is the nearest train station which is approximately 50 km from Kashid Beach. Train travel is not recommended as the railway station is quite far from the beach.

What Awaits You There

This beach attracts many weekend travelers who want a refreshing break from hectic daily life. A fun-filled beach experience is what makes this trip memorable.

Tranquil White Sand Beach

White Sand Kashid Beach
A Wide Stretch of White Sand

Kashid Beach is arguably one of the most gorgeous beaches in Maharashtra. The distant rocky landscape and lush green shrubs along the coastline give it an ethereal appearance.

The beach is shallow and one can easily walk in the water for a couple of meters. Playing with gently rising waves is a lot of fun. Enjoy a fulfilling day at this unspoiled beach.

Tip: The beach gets quite crowded on weekends and particularly on extended weekends. Try visiting here on weekdays if you want to enjoy moments of solitude at the beach.

Plethora of Activities

Water Sports at Kashid Beach
Water Sports for Adventure Enthusiasts

Plenty of water sports activities is offered here at reasonable prices. Jet ski, banana boat ride, speed boat ride and parasailing are some of the popular activities for adventure seekers. Apart from this, you can also enjoy horse riding at the beach.

Beach Shacks

Shacks at The Beach
Shacks at The Beach

There are a few shacks at the beach that offer a comfortable ambience to relax after indulging in adventurous water sports. Sipping on coconut water is a must when you are here. They also serve local snack items, like misal pav.

Best Time To Visit

Winter months, lasting November to February, are the best months to visit this beach since the weather stays pleasant.

From March to June, it is mostly off-season owing to the crushing summer heat. However, the weather turns pleasant towards the evening for taking a stroll on the beach. 

Monsoon season, from July to September is a great time to enjoy the dazzling natural beauty of this place. But, water sports are mostly closed during the rainy season and swimming may also not be allowed depending on the tidal waves.

Where To Stay

There are quite a few resorts located near the beach, but remember to book in advance. Most of the nearby accommodations are pre-booked during the tourist season. Last-minute bookings might cost you more than usual.

Resorts on Kashid Beach

We stayed in Kashid Beach Resort, which is less than a kilometer away from the beach. From the resort, it is around 15 minutes walk to the beach.

They offer booking options with and without a meal plan. So, if you want to stay closer to the beach, this resort offers a nice stay.

Approximately 3 km away from the beach is Coco’s Inn Resort. Many travelers book here due to its proximity to Janjira Fort.

You will need to arrange a vehicle to commute from the resort to the beach as it may take an hour in case you go walking.

Check Prices and Availability of Hotels Near Kashid Beach.

Nearby Places To Visit

If you are in Kashid for more than a day, explore some of the ancient forts located nearby. Some 13 km away from the beach is Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary, which is worth a visit for birdwatching.

Korlai Fort

Korlai Fort
Remains of Korlai Fort (Source)

Built in 1521 by the Portuguese, Korlai Fort is a historical landmark of Raigad district. The fort is perched on an island, some 12 km away from Kashid Beach.

In the eighteenth century, it was conquered by the Marathas who held it for almost 70 years. You can still see the ruins of battlement walls of this rugged fort. From the topmost point of the hillock, it offers panoramic views of the Arabian Sea.

Revdanda Beach Fort

Revdanda Beach Fort
A Portuguese Fort on Revdanda Beach (Source)

Another Portuguese Fort on the Alibaug-Murud road, Revdanda Fort is situated at the mouth of the Kundalika River. A small winding road, dotted with mango trees on both sides, leads to the fort.

It is a coastal fort that was built in the early sixteenth century by the Portuguese. This was eventually captured by the Marathas and later by the British in 1818.

The fort walls lie alongside the stunning black sand Revdanda Beach. A trip to Revdanda Fort also provides an opportunity to soak up the untouched natural beauty of Revdanda Beach.

The Konkan Coast is dotted with many spectacular beaches. On moving south along this coast, there is picturesque Ganpatipule Beach that you can explore on your next trip.

Murud Janjira Fort

Murud Janjira Fort
Janjira Fort (Source)

Murud Janjira is a renowned marine fort near the coastal town of Murud. It lies approximately 20 km away from Kashid Beach. The fort is reachable by boats from the Rajapuri jetty.

The oval-shaped Janjira Fort is believed to be built by the Siddi military leaders during the seventeenth century. It remained unconquered despite invasion attempts by several forces.

Surrounding the fort, there are 26 rounded bastions. Over 500 cannons were used to guard this majestic fort. Kalak Bangadi, known as the 3rd largest canon in India, is a star attraction here.

The fort provides splendid views of the Arabian Sea from Nawab’s palace, the tallest structure in the precincts.

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Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary

Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary
A Nature Trail Inside The Sanctuary

Situated roughly 13 km away from Kashid Beach, Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is an excellent place to visit for nature and wildlife explorers.

The sanctuary once served as a private Game Reserve for the rulers of Murud-Janjira princely state. It was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1986 to conserve the flora and fauna of the region. 

There are a couple of hiking trails in the forest that offer wonderful birding opportunities. You can explore the forest on foot or on a bullock cart. Some of the commonly sighted birds in the sanctuary include drongos, parakeets and bulbuls.

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Can I visit Kashid Beach after sunset?

Visiting the beach after sunset is not recommended as the shacks are closed and there is hardly any human presence.

How many days are sufficient for a trip to Kashid Beach?

A trip lasting 1-2 days is enough. You can extend by a day or so in case you plan to visit the nearby forts.

Are snorkeling and scuba diving facilities available at Kashid beach?

No, snorkeling and scuba are not offered at this beach. You can partake in a range of other water sports, including jet ski and parasailing.

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