12 Most Famous Beaches in India

Blue Waters of The Arabian Sea

India has a wealth of picturesque beaches along its vast coastline extending over 7,500 km. From bustling city beaches to secluded remote beaches, the famous beaches in India are treasure trove of bliss. Go through this post for a rundown of the 12 most famous beaches in the country.

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Famous Beaches in India

1. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman

Sunset at Radhanagar Beach
A Gorgeous Sunset At Radhanagar Beach

Tucked away in scenic Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach is an acclaimed beach of the Andaman archipelago. It is a pristine white sand beach, surrounded by tropical forests. From the shore, it gives splendid views of the turquoise Andaman sea.

This beach is perfect for swimming and lazing in the sun. It also offers trekking opportunities for adventure seekers. Starting from Radhanagar Beach, the scenic trail takes to Elephant Beach where it ends.

The beach has a stunning view of the sunset. So, if you are around during sunset, don’t miss this magical moment.

It has won the accolade of Asia’s best beach by Time Magazine in 2004. Tripadvisor has also awarded this beach with the 2019 Travellers’ Choice Award. With so many recognitions, it truly deserves to be on the list of best beaches in India.

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2. Baga Beach, North Goa

Baga Beach - One of The 12 Best Places To Visit in Goa
Expansive Sandy Beach At Baga

Well-known for its scenic coastline, attractive shacks and the most-happening night life, Baga Beach is an iconic beach in North Goa. It lies roughly 20 km away from Panjim, the capital city of Goa.

A day trip to this beach essentially means unlimited fun in the sun and sea along with exciting water activities and relishing some seafood delicacies.

Jet ski, banana ride, bumper ride and parasailing are some of the popular water sports you can enjoy at this beach. 

As the evening approaches, the beach shacks are aesthetically decorated with artificial lights to draw visitors. Titos and Cafe Mambos, North Goa’s popular party destinations, are also located in the vicinity.

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The unmatched beach vibes and laid-back mood of this place earn it a mention in the famous beaches in India. Goa is well-connected with several Indian cities by train and by flight.

The nearest railway station to North Goa is in Thivim. It is around 45 minutes drive from the railway station to Baga. Dabolim Airport (40 km) is the nearest airport that serves domestic as well as international destinations.

3. Om Beach, Karnataka

Om Beach Gokarna - One of The Famous Beaches in India
Om-Shaped Beach in Gokarna

In the temple town of Gokarna on the western coast, lies one of the most famous beaches in India, Om Beach. The beach derives its name from the Om shape it resembles. The word Om is considered a sacred symbol in Hinduism.

It is largely a sandy beach with rocky spurs at a few spots. Encompassed by eye-pleasing greenery, the beach offers spectacular views of the Arabian Sea and lush surroundings. Trek up to the Om Beach Viewpoint to witness the om shape in one frame.

Hang around till sunset to see the magic happen. The beach is adorned in rich hues of orange and pink as the sun dips below the horizon. 

For adventure seekers, water activities like parasailing, surfing and jet skiing are also offered here. The availability may vary with the tide situation. Gokarna’s other popular beaches, paradise beach and half moon beach are also reachable from here by a ferry.

Gokarna is well-linked by road from nearby cities including Panaji (159 km), Mangalore (235 km) and Bangalore (500 km). The beach is about 6 km from Gokarna city. 

The nearest railhead is in Ankola, some 20 km away. Goa’s Dabolim Airport is the nearest airport. By cab, it takes around 3.5 hours to reach here from the airport.

4. Marina Beach, Chennai

Marina Beach Chennai - One of The Most Famous Beaches in India
Marina Beach – One of The Most Famous Beaches in India

Tucked in the Coromandel Coast along the Bay of Bengal, Chennai’s Marina Beach is the largest beach in India. This 12 km long sandy beach is a prized possession of Chennai city.

It is one of the prime tourist spots in the city and packs a wallop in terms of things to do and see.

Take a gentle stroll on the beach to experience its vastness. Indulge in some shopping at the beachside stalls selling ethnic jewelry and handicraft items.

Several food stalls serve fast food items like chaat, bhajjis (pakoras) and other local delicacies. So, it’s a good place for foodies too. Get rewarded with stunning views of the sunset if you are here in the evening.

The road alongside the beach is dotted with edifices of British Period. Senate-House, Chepauk Palace, Presidency College and Chennai University are some of the prominent buildings.

A Lighthouse, located near the beach is a great spot to witness panoramic vistas of the surroundings. You can go to the top of the Lighthouse to view this.

Unlike other sandy beaches, you wouldn’t be able to swim here. Owing to strong undercurrent, swimming is not allowed at Marina Beach.

The fastest way to reach Marina Beach from other parts of the city is by taking a local (suburban) train. Thiruvallikeni and Lighthouse are the two nearest train stations where you can get off. The beach is within walking distance from these places.

Buses, auto-rickshaws and cabs are easily available in Chennai for local commuting.

5. Palolem Beach, South Goa

Palolem Beach in South Goa
Palolem Beach – Replete With Natural Beauty (Source)

Imagine a gust of cool breeze and soft sands, complimented by fascinating surroundings and peaceful vibes. Palolem Beach offers a perfect retreat in South Goa, away from the bustle of North Goa. It is a crescent shaped beach lined with swaying palm trees. 

Swimming, sun bathing and water adventures are some of the major activities at Palolem. You can also go on a fishing trip here. Local fishermen rent their boat for fishing. There are plenty of beach shacks on the shore that serve luscious Goan food.

Palolem Beach is one of the most famous beaches in India that must be part of your Goa bucket list.

Goa International Airport is approximately 61 km away from the beach. The nearest railway station is in Canacona. By cab, it takes about 15 minutes to reach here from Canacona railway station.

6. Puri Beach, Odisha

Puri Beach - One of The Famous Beaches in India
Tranquil Waves at Puri Beach

The sacred pilgrim city of Puri is home to the divine Puri Beach. It is counted amongst the most famous beaches in India.

Along with the golden sand beach, Puri’s ancient Shri Jagannath Temple is a major attraction for tourists. This grandiose temple is widely known for its annual chariot festival (rath yatra).

Puri Beach is a wonderful beach for swimming and there are lifeguards to prevent frolickers from crossing the safe zone. You can see breathtaking views of the Bay of Bengal From the seashore.

In the evening, camel rides and horse rides are also offered at this beach. Check out the beachside stalls If you want to buy local artifacts and handloom items.

Sand art is an added attraction here. The beach exhibits the handiwork of imminent sand artists like Sudarshan Pattnaik. It also hosts a beach festival every year in the month of November. This festival is a showcase of the artistic and cultural heritage of the state.

Puri has excellent road connectivity with other major cities of Odisha including Konark (37 km) Cuttack (83 km), Bhubaneshwar (62 km).

The nearest railhead, Puri Junction, is hardly 2 km from the beach. Bhubaneswar Airport serves as the nearest airport for reaching here. A cab ride from the airport to the beach takes about 1.5 hours.

7. Tarkarli Beach, Maharashtra

Tarkarli Beach
Endless Sea Stretching Till Horizon (Source)

Tarkarli, a coastal village in Maharashtra’s Sindhudurg district, hosts the sprawling Tarkarli Beach. It is nestled at the confluence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea. The beach is famed for its expansive shoreline and well-preserved marine ecosystem.

It offers excellent opportunities for underwater activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Enjoy exploring the pristine marine reserves of Tarkarli up close.

While diving, you can see beautiful corals, schools of lovely fishes and a variety of sea plants. If you have been to the Andaman Islands, you might find the experience somewhat similar.

Malwan is the nearest town to Tarkarli which is approximately 8 km away. The beach is easily reachable by road from neighbouring cities like Ratnagiri (144 km) and Kolhapur (165 km).

Kudal (35 km) and Sindhudurg (34 km) are the two nearest railheads to the beach. Goa’s Dabolim Airport is the closest aerodrome to reach here. From the airport, it is approximately 3.5 hours drive to Tarkarli Beach.

8. Lighthouse Beach, Kerala

Light House Beach in Kovalam
Kovalam Lighthouse Beach – One of The Famous Beaches in India (Source)

Nestled on the tropical Malabar Coast, Lighthouse Beach is a charming white sand beach in Kovalam. It gets its name from Vizhinjam Lighthouse which is situated on the southernmost end of this beach.

You can go to the top of the lighthouse through a spiral staircase. A lift is also available for those who don’t want to take stairs. The Lighthouse viewpoint offers astounding views of the coastline and the azure water sea.

Kovalam Beach is safe for swimming with alert lifeguards on duty. Swimmers can rent sun loungers at very nominal cost. 

Besides lazing in the sun, you can enjoy adventure water sports like surfing, parasailing. Catamaran boat rides are also popular at this beach. There are plenty of eateries on the beach offering awesome seafood.

Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) is the nearest city with train and flight connectivity. From Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station, it is around 30 minutes drive to Kovalam.

9. Alibag Beach, Maharashtra

Alibag - One of The Nearest Weekend Getaways from Mumbai
Blissful Sunset Moment at Alibag Beach

Alibag Beach is a sparkling black sand beach in the coastal town of Alibag in Maharashtra. Endowed with a lot of greenery and captivating vistas, it is one of the famous beaches in India. 

A lush grove of coconut and palm trees adorn its shoreline. The endless stretch of the blue water sea creates a fabulous beach scenery during sunset. 

Take a peaceful amble along the shoreline to soak up all the picturesque beauty. If you are an adventure enthusiast, indulge in water sports like jet skiing, banana boat ride and parasailing. 

Another major attraction of Alibag beach is a marine fort, called Kolaba Fort. Once belonging to the mighty Marathas, this fort is now a protected monument.

It is within walking distance from the shore. You can easily walk to the fort during low tide or hire a horse-drawn buggy to reach.

Given its proximity to Mumbai, it is also one of the nearest weekend getaways from Mumbai. By cab, it takes roughly 2.5 to 3 hours to reach Alibag from Mumbai. The nearest railhead to the beach is in Pen, around 30 km away.

10. Rock Beach, Pondicherry

Rock Beach in Pondicherry - One of The Famous Beaches in India
Incredibly Scenic Waterfront of Rock Beach

Snuggled in the coastal town of Pondicherry (officially Puducherry), Rock Beach is a gorgeous beachfront stretching over 1200 meters. 

On one end of the beach there is a War Memorial while the other end features a statue of former French Governor, Joseph Francois Dupleix. The War Memorial was built during French regime in honour of soldiers who laid their lives in the First World War.

The shoreline is adorned with huge black rocks. Adding to its charm are old colonial style structures on the opposite side of the beachfront.

It also hosts a 13-feet tall statue of Mahatma Gandhi on the promenade. Hence, this Pondicherry beach is also known as Gandhi Beach.

You can take a leisurely walk along the seafront or simply sit by the shore and watch the waves splashing against the rocks.

It is a great place to spend some me-time amid nature. Rock Beach is one of the most famous beaches in India and is well worth a visit when you are in Pondicherry.

The beach is located in the White Town locality, hardly 2 km away from Pondicherry railway station. The nearest domestic airport is Pondicherry Airport with direct flight connectivity from Hyderabad. 

If you are coming from any other city take a connecting flight via Hyderabad. Chennai International Airport is the second nearest airport which is about 143 km away from Rock Beach.

11. Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai

Chowpatty Beach - One of The Famous Beaches in India
Chowpatty – A Perfect Place to Unwind

Chowpatty Beach, also known as Girgaon Chowpatty, lies in Southern Mumbai at the end of Marine Drive promenade.

Known for its happening ambiance, it is one of the most famous beaches in India. After a long tiring day, Chowpatty is Mumbaikar’s favourite spot to relax and rejuvenate.

Being an urban beach in the middle of a mega city, it is not as clean as some secluded tropical beaches. So, swimming is not recommended here. In the evening, many people visit here to watch the sunset and enjoy cool sea breezes. 

From the seashore, you can view alluring vistas of the Arabian Sea. Foodies also love this place. From mouth watering pav bhaji to bhel puri and chaat, Chowpatty eateries serve a range of fast food items.

This beach is easily reachable from other parts of the city by public transport – bus, taxi and suburban train. Charni Road station is the nearest local train station. Chowpatty beach is within short walking distance from there.

12. Varkala Beach, Kerala

Varkala Beach - One of The Famous Beaches in India
Varkala Cliff Beach

Surrounded by awe-inspiring cliffs and lush greenery, Varkala Beach lies in Thiruvananthapuram district on the southernmost coast of Kerala.

It is a gorgeous silvery sand beach with tranquil vibes. Natural spring and the ancient Janardhanaswamy Temple are some of the major attractions here. 

The mineral rich waters of the natural spring is believed to have curative properties. According to local beliefs, a dip in the sacred waters of this beach cleanses one’s body and soul. 

Another name for this beach is Papanasam Beach which literally means destruction of sins in Sanskrit language.

Janardhanaswamy Temple is perched atop the cliff and you need to climb some 50 steps to reach the temple entrance. It is a 2000-year old temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

The beach also offers plenty of water activities such as parasailing, surfing and canoeing. It is one of the famous beaches in India for watching stunning views of sunrise and sunset. From the hilltop, witnessing the sun setting on the horizon line is a magical experience.

Varkala is well-linked by road from neighbouring cities – Kollam (35 km), Thiruvananthapuram (48 km).

Varkala railway station is the nearest train station which is around 3.5 km away from the beach. By flight, you can reach Thiruvananthapuram and then hire a cab for onward journey.

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